How does a student register for driver education?
We have three convenient ways to register. - Register on our website via the SERVICES page, Visit our Office at 406 S. Medford Drive in Lufkin, Tx – or call CDS at 936.624.9259.

Where are Carlton Driving School courses offered?
Carlton Driving School (CDS) serves all of Texas. Any Texas resident may enroll in our online classroom and defensive driving courses. Residents of Angelina and Shelby Counties and surrounding communities may enroll in our Behind-the-Wheel and DPS Road Test services.

In-person Classroom Courses available at:
Behind-the-wheel available for residents of:
DPS Road Testing locations:

Minor and Adult Driver Education FAQs

Who is required to take a driver education course?
I want to take a driver education course, what are my options?
How much do driver education courses cost?
How long is the minor and adult driver education course?
Can a person older than 18, but younger than 25, take the minor and adult driver education course (32 hours of classroom, 7 hours behind-the-wheel, 7 hours observation)?
I lost the form that I received when I completed my driver education course and I need it to get my driver license. Who can I contact to get a duplicate?
My child dropped out of high school and has been told that they cannot get a driver license until they are 18. Is that true?
My child's high school won't sign the Verification of Enrollment and Attendance (VOE) Form because they say that my child has missed too many days. Can they do that?
What is a student's alternative to getting a Verification of Enrollment and Attendance Form from their high school during the summer months?
I am enrolled in a 32-hour teen driver education course and I just turned 18. Can I use the time I have already completed as proof of completion of my 6-hour adult driver education course?
I completed my driver education course and the school will not issue my completion certificate. What should I do?

Adult Driver Education

Who can take the driver education course exclusively for adults?
How long is the course?
I'm 19 years old and want to get my driver's license. Do I have to take a course?
Can I take a 6-hour driving safety or a 6-hour drug and alcohol course to get my driver's license?
How do I obtain a copy of my completion certificate?


If I start at one driver education school, am I allowed to transfer to a different school?
I've heard that my child can complete the classroom phase of driver education at their high school or with Carlton Driving School, and afterwards we can transfer to the Parent Taught Program so I can teach the in-car portion. Is that true?

Follow progress of your program, schedule lessons, pay balances and more, from any device.


In car evaluations sent to parents and students as soon as instructor completes the lessons.


Students and parents can access student information 24/7 from the Student Portal.

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