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406 South Medford Dr.
 Lufkin, Texas 75901, United States

               office hours M-F 10:00am - 5:30 pm

TEENS age 14 up to 18 are required by the State of Texas to take the 32 hour classroom course. Classes are two hours per day, three or four days per week, depending on location.  Classrooms start times vary for each ISD, but usually from 4-6 pm for 17 days. Our Lufkin Office classroom is held from 6-8pm. Times vary during the summer months.  Cost is $160, paid at least 7 days prior to the class. Our course includes the DPS written test given by us in our classrooms

This flexibility helps accommodate students involved in extra curricular activities such as athletics, band, cheer leading, pep squad, etc.

Reservations for a seat are made through Carlton Driving Schools office, not at the classroom location school. Classes must have 15 students to make.  If the class does not make, students may move to another class on the same schedule, re-schedule for another date, or be reimbursed at the parents request.  Call us at 936-634-9259.



Our priority is safety through quality education (C2611)