TEENS age 14 up to 18 are required...


Our priority is safety through quality education (C2611)


Carlton Driving School is a driving school serving...

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406 South Medford Dr.
 Lufkin, Texas 75901, United States

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We will...


Drivers Ed. classroom for ADULTS AGE 18 AND OVER  is...

BEHIND THE WHEEL instructionand in-car testing

By choosing Carlton Driving School for  BTW...

Our next Teen Classrooms start

June 3rd.

Call us to register.

​BTW available Year long

...help you or your child get a Texas Driver's License with the best classroom and Behind the Wheel instruction available anywhere...

... offer the finest quality drivers education at a price any family can afford... ​

...administer your BTW in car test instead of you taking the test at a DPS office, avoiding long wait times and standing in line...

... manage the confusion and stress of meeting state requirements for paperwork, teaching curriculum, practice driving and taking the BEHIND THE WHEEL EXAM.

...provide your child, yourself or a loved one the gift of our many years of experience and knowledge in drivers' training and assessment of driving skills.



                      PARENT TAUGHT PROGRAM

Our students are at an advantage over online courses due to one-on-one instruction in a live, interactive classroom setting. We talk with students not only about driving rules and technique, but about responsibility and the duties of driving.

Student participation in a live class helps make sure they are doing the work themselves and succeeding. We often hear parents speak of online programs but many are never sure their child actually did the work themselves or are even working on the program.  Drivers should be accountable. That is what we hope to instill in our students. Not just the material they are required to know.  Your student will take all the test required in the course, not someone else doing it for them.

We are locally owned and operated. We are professional teachers and driver ed. instructors, here to answer your questions and maintain our Lufkin office to provide you support. You can drop in or call us on the phone and actually get real answers to your questions.

Our classroom teachers are all college graduates, who are also certified in drivers ed. instruction.

We work hard to prepare students to drive in an ever increasingly dangerous and fast- pace environment, with superior classroom instruction and hands-on Behind The Wheel training.

Our next 32 hour classrooms will start on June 3rd at each of our locations. Class is held for 17 days. Call us at 936-634-9259 for info and to reserve a seat. Students may attend any classroom location and we require a minimum of 15 students per class.


Upon completion of our 32 hour classroom course, your student will take the Texas D.P.S. written test with us in the class. You will then take your child to the DPS office to be finger-printed and photographed, and to take an eye exam to receive their beginners driving permit. We provide a Last Day Letter to help you through the process. At that point, they may begin the behind the wheel portion, also known as Phase 2 of drivers ed..  Schedule with us for the 14 hour Behind the Wheel curriculum in one of our certified cars, with a certified instructor at the time you register for a classroom, or any time your ready.  We take care of the details of paperwork, as well as the Behind the Wheel instruction if you choose us over parent taught.

Carlton Driving School contractually provides drivers education for the following area high schools. Students from any school or home schooled are welcome to attend any location. Call us for details.

Class will be held for 17 days.  Carlton Driving School serves these school districts on their campus during the school year and in June.

Alto High School 

Center High School

Central High School

Central Heights High School

Diboll High School

Groveton High School

Hudson High School

Lufkin High School

Our Lufkin Office

Nacogdoches High School

Woodville High School


Students must:

  • be at least 14 years old,
  • be able to present to the DPS
    • a Verification of Enrollment form from their school. Home schoolers will provide their own documentation to DPS.
    • two official, original documents such as:
      • birth certificate, Social Security card, Texas I.D., immigration papers, or passport to DPS

For more details, click on the bar at the top of page for Teen Classrooms, Adult Classrooms, and Behind The Wheel.

Enrollment is scheduled through our office only. not at your local school.  Payment is by check, money order, credit or debit card, or PayPal. 

M.O. and checks are made payable to Carlton Driving School Inc. Call us at 936-634-9259 or come by our Lufkin office at 406 South Medford Dr. between the hours of 10am till 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

We would love for you to stop by our office, call, or give us a visit on Facebook  or Instagram.  You can e-mail us at carltondrivingschool@yahoo.com