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Our priority is safety through education

By choosing Carlton Driving School, you or your child receive high quality instruction from certified  Texas Education Agency and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation certified teachers and driving instructors. We use TEXAS specific curriculum in our certified, double braked, well marked cars.


BTW curriculum is mandated in Phase II of teen driving. It includes the 14 hour in-car curriculum provided by C.D.S., plus an additional 30 hours logged driving time with a parent, guardian or any driver who qualifies under state guidelines.  Our students drive 7 days, for 2 hours each day.

To drive alone without supervision, the teen must have completed Phase I, the 32 hour classroom, and Phase II, 14 hour of BTW curriculum plus 30 hour of additional drive time,  held their beginners permit for at least 6 months, be at least 16, able to obtain a current Verification Of Enrollment from their school from the previous semester,  watch the 2 hour Impact Texas Teen Video online provided by the Texas DPS on their website, and have passed the on road drive test.  Cost is $350 for the 14 hour curriculum in-car training with Carlton Driving School.

BTW instruction is available to adults of any age who either need to learn to drive or improve their driving skills.  Drivers 18-25 must have previously completed the 6 hour classroom, which we offer on the 3rd Saturday of each month, and possess a "PERMIT TO PRACTICE" OR ALREADY HAVE A LICENSE. Drive time is by the hour at $60 per hour. Call for a reservation. Adult driving is available during the day between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, and on weekends by appointment.

Many families are faced with the prospect of determining if a loved one is currently able to competently drive or has come to an end of their driving time.
Carlton Driving School can help families make difficult decisions with an assessment of their family member by administering written testing and Behind the Wheel competency skills testing. A knowledgeable third party assessment may help ease difficult decisions made by family members. Cost is $100 for the full assessment or $60 for BTW driving assessment only.