Our priority is safety through quality education (C2611)

About Us

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406 South Medford Dr.
 Lufkin, Texas 75901, United States

               office hours M-F 10:00am - 5:30 pm

Carlton Driving School is a locally owned and operated driving school serving the Deep East Texas area, serving 10 area school districts. We and our employees are licensed and regulated by the State of Texas under the Texas Education Agency and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Each of our teachers are career public school teachers or principals. They believe strongly in a quality drivers education program and have completed 9 hours of additional college credit hours in drivers education in order to become a drivers education instructor.  Most also have driven school buses for the their district. In addition, each must meet  yearly state requirements in continuing education for drivers education. Carlton Driving School employees care about the safety and well being of children, their families and the public.  As mentioned before, it is our goal to provide the finest quality drivers education available anywhere, at a price any family can afford. 

It all started  when its owner made the decision to open the school as part of a "retirement plan" from a career of public school teaching, bus driving and drivers ed. instructor.  At a very early age, she learned to drive the family tractor.  Upon impressing her parents, she graduated in the 3rd grade to driving the family station wagon in a cow pasture. The love for driving grew, along with the love of teaching. Thus came the name "Carlton Driving School" in honor of her parents. At Carlton Driving School, we understand your desire to give your child the best in order to help keep them safe as well trained, competent drivers.